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Did you know that you can track your child’s education on any computer, phone, or tablet? You can also sign the COVID consent form, right in the NYC Schools Account (NYCSA). You can sign up for an account by entering a few basic details. This will allow you to begin receiving notifications from the DOE. It only takes five minutes, and it is the first step in getting a full account. PLEASE EMAIL PARENT COORDINATOR Janine Guerrieri at for account creation codes.

Calendar Events

  • 1st Day of School 8:00 -2:35

    PS 3 (31R003) The Margaret Gioiosa Pleasant Plains School
  • Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences for elementary

    PS 3 (31R003) The Margaret Gioiosa Pleasant Plains School
  • Birthday Celebration

    PS 3 (31R003) The Margaret Gioiosa Pleasant Plains School
  • Rosh Hashanah, schools closed

    PS 3 (31R003) The Margaret Gioiosa Pleasant Plains School
  • Yom Kippur, schools closed

    PS 3 (31R003) The Margaret Gioiosa Pleasant Plains School
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Bus Routes and Times

2022-2023 School Calendar

NYC DOE Daily Health Screening

Daily Health Screenings are required for EVERY STUDENT that enters the building EACH DAY. Prior to entering PS 3 each morning our students MUST SCAN the Bar Code or Click the Link Below and answer the questions certifying his/her readiness to enter the school building.  



Class Codes and Teachers



Code Teacher Room
097 C. Forte 103
098 K. Bracco 101
001 C. Rivera 164
002 L. Giammarino 162
003 R. Milkie 165
004 B. Vicino / Maira  166 
101 L. Fitzgerald 127
102 J. Insalaco 161
103 D. Brucato 163
104 M. Valvo / D. Donovan 160
201 D. Cabello 128
202 A. Bruck 125
203 V. Swydan-Serecin 129
204 R. Aliberti / P. Tisellano  126
301 H. Pidan 108
302 J. Lesser  142
303 D. Haver / K. Lee 143
304 D. Buccini / D. Timo 159
401 V. Jacobs  107
402 B. Carretta 106
403 L. DeAngelis / C.Guthrie 105
404 R. Iannetti (Manuele) / M. Giamboi 104
405 G. Russo 109
501 V. DeFillippis (Wozencroft) 141
502 A. Ambio 148
503 D. Capece 146
504 S. Delfino / A. McMahon 144
901 D. Ferrer 116B / 1162
902 C. Masella 116A / 1161
903 A. Coladonato 118  


Birthday Celebrations




Notification from DOE



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